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Rabika Card Primer Now Available

The Rabika Primer I’m pleased to report that a Rabika Divination Card Primer is now up and accessible on this website. In it you will find a treasure trove of information about how to better interpret the cards in your readings! The Primer is available here.

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As Natural as Breathing

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a baby newly born? A newborn’s inner divinity shines forth as naturally as the sun rises in the east. Those eyes are filled with love; they are replete with wonder, and open to new experience. And the deep and obvious wisdom in that baby’s eyes will calm …

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Healing is a Choice

Healing energy focuses, mends, teaches, and dissipates fear by illuminating the truth. It creates cohesion, where fracturing existed before. Healing is about creating wholeness. All healing is self-healing. We heal from any challenge in response to our desire and intention to do so. From that desire we make a choice. When our physical form experiences …

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Become More

Have you ever watched a child play when they didn’t know you were watching? When left alone, most children will assume some affect that doesn’t reflect reality, as you know it. They will pretend to be someone different, or have a larger experience of things or people around them than you can see. If you’ve …

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Live Big!

As humans, we have a compulsion to manipulate our environment. It’s built into the fabric of our being. Even the naturalist, who sheds cloths and spurns dwellings, will pile leaves or straw to lay upon in sleep. Why fight it? If you feel compelled to exert dominion over the world around you, why not do …

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Divine Mother

Your Divine Mother, the giver of all life, the interconnected weave of nature, that exists all around you and within you, is infinitely capable of producing, through her wisdom, infinite possibilities of creation.

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Goddess Speak Project

Take a moment and check out our newest fun: Goddess Speak Project! We’re taking application right now, from women entrepreneurs who would like to extend their reach and be in a publication and community with like-minded conscious women!  Filling out the application is simple and easy Come play with us!

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Fall Registration is Open!

Intuition Intensive Sign up now for this life-changing journey! Registration is open now for the September-October Intuition Intensive! In 6 short weeks you will gain the ability to turn on your intuition at will! This is a proven curricula. 100% success rate! All classes are delivered live and interactive on the web. Intuition Intensive begins …

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