Rabika Primer

The following primer was written for people using a Rabika Tool Card Deck. However, most of the information is also pertinent to understanding, and getting more from, your online virtual readings.

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Rabika is Unique  Show

Caring For Your System  Show

  • Honor Your Tools  Show
  • Be Grateful  Show
  • Keep Your Tools Clean and Sacred  Show

Empower Your Inner Voice  Show

The Future is Probability  Show

Understand the Rabika Grid  Show

Symbolism in the Cards  Show

  • Round Cards  Show
  • Hemispheres  Show
  • Card Sets  Show
  • Numbers  Show
  • Colors  Show
    1. Why the Refractive Color System?   Show
    2. So what do Red, Blue, and Green Mean in the Cards?  Show
    3. What about the Material Set?   Show
    4. What Do the Other Colors on the Cards Represent?  Show
    5. Why isn’t Yellow in the Material Set?   Show
  • Fractal Artwork  Show
  • Directions  Show
    1. Spiraling Cards  Show
    2. Four Directional Cards  Show
    3. Two Directional Cards  Show
  • Influences  Show

Layouts  Show

  • Lifecross Layout  Show
    1. Position Meanings  Show
    2. The Spine  Show
    3. The Cradle  Show
    4. The Heart Cross  Show
    5. Helper Stacks  Show
    6. Depth  Show
    7. Stack Creation  Show
    8. History  Show
  • Short Layout  Show
    1. Position Meanings  Show
    2. Stack Creation  Show
    3. Influences  Show
  • Yes/No Layout  Show
    1. Position Meanings  Show
    2. Stack Creation  Show
    3. Influences  Show

Performing Readings  Show

  1. Prepare Yourself  Show
  2. Prepare Your Space  Show
  3. Select Your Question  Show
  4. Choose a Layout  Show
  5. Choose the Depth  Show
  6. Layout the Cards  Show
  7. Read the Cards  Show
  8. Consider the Information  Show
  9. End the Reading  Show

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