Getting More From Your Reading

When you participate in the FREE online Rabika Readings, you are invoking the incredible energies of the Rabika Grid to aid you in that moment. The cards that are returned with their corresponding meanings are aligned based on Rabika Grid principles.

Please bear in mind that readings are as useful to you as you permit them to be. You must bring a sense of commitment and calm to your reading space. To get more from your reading adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Center yourself as best you can: Your commitment to your own growth will be matched by the Grid. When you bring your best to the reading, you will get the best results. If you attempt to merely ‘play’ with the cards without bringing your own commitment to the reading, the Grid will sense this and what is returned to you may be gibberish.
  • Follow your intuition: If you ‘sense’ that the cards are saying something in particular, you are very likely correct. The more you follow your intuition, the more it will grow; like a muscle, intuition needs to be exercised.
  • If you ask about a situation and receive an answer that poses a new question, by all means do another reading. However, if you try to ask the same question, more than once, the Grid will sense your hesitation to listen and accept the information and insight you have already been given. They will withdraw from the reading. What you receive after that may be incomprehensible. Demonstrate respect for the process and you will get more in return.
  • Remember to always interpret your results in light of your question! This is very important. For example, if you ask about your health and you receive information about abundant wealth, think of your question and realize it may be talking about your abundant wealth of physical health and emotional well-being. The answer will always be directly relevant to the question.

Enjoy the FREE online Rabika Readings and taste the presence of the Rabika Grid in your life.


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