Intuition is Your Birthright

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Come experience the magic
of your inner knowing

No Prerequisite

Beginning date: Wednesday, TBD
End Date: Wednesday, TBD
Time: TBD
Weeks: 6 consecutive weeks

Led by Kaarin Alisa
Presented live, on the web in 3 hour sessions
once a week, for 6 consecutive weeks


Class size is limited to 6 people – highly interactive

Class Registration 1 person, $380 USD

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Class Registration 2 people, $660 USD – save $100

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Intuition is Your Birthright is a fun adventure, and better yet – the class works!

Not merely a class, this time you spend with a small group of fellow travelers will astound you. You are already intuitive. It’s innate – part of your natural birthright. Let this class awaken¬†your sleeping intuition.

Registering for this class is a commitment – to yourself. A commitment to finally give up those inhibitions that have thwarted you from realizing your full intuitive ability.

And it’s totally fun!

For a simple commitment, you will learn to:

  • Find, awaken, and/or deepen your intuitive sense
  • Discover your intuitive blueprint
  • Turn-on that intuitive sense at will – any time, any place
  • Connect to the energy of all things
  • Create an energy bridge between yourself and any other living soul
  • Discern intuited messages that you can relay to others to help them along their path


Your commitment is simple:

  • For 3 hours each week for 6 weeks, attend each interactive and dynamic class,
  • Do the fun, easy, and short practice assignments between classes, and
  • Be willing to raise your consciousness and deepen your intuitive access.


Also, I guarantee that you will be able to demonstrate at least a 5-minute intuitive reading at will for another person by the end of the course.

This is a proven curricula with a 100% success rate.

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Here is what past students say about this course…

Carmen from California

Kaarin, your Intuition class has been extraordinary and I will recommend your next one to all my friends. It has been truly revelatory and I could never have imagined we could heighten our intuition to the degree that we have. The world is a mysterious place and you have opened up our eyes to the wonder of the mystery and for that, I will be eternally grateful. With love, thanks and gratitude.”


Shelly from California

I know that I am only beginning to understand the magnitude of awareness that was opened to me in the class. I’m excited to keep practicing and integrating. Thank you again … for your open-hearted support, both in the class and … [in] all the changes that have come with that.


Goldenbear from California

My testimonial is that I have participated in the Intuition Intensive, and it was an amazing, powerful experience. Go into it with an open mind, and it will open your mind even further. Gina and Kaarin are wonderfully gifted souls from whom I learned a great deal in a short time. Give this a try! It will be much more than worthwhile.


Don from California

Kaarin Alisa’s seminar is more than an intuition workshop. It’s the opportunity to wake up on a deeper, simpler, clearer level and attain the mental and spiritual coherence to move mountains.


Maria from Greece

This class seemed so short I can’t believe still how amazing of a progress I made. All my life I had been curious about what is out there. Suddenly the veil has been lifted and what I now see amazes me, what I understand is a gift. I am not sure how it worked. it did not happen at the level of the
mind though. Thank you Kaarin.


Gina from California

I cannot say enough about Kaarin’s Intuition class. She offers practical tools for tapping into the intuition that is typically dismissed or lies dormant within us. The skills she taught during our class are empowering, easy to apply and help me navigate through my daily life. *And* I find it fun to share my new-found talent as I practice increasing my intuition. If your interest is at all piqued, I highly recommend you give it a go. It may be hard to believe her guarantee that you’ll be able to give a 5 minute reading after the course but you may just surprise yourself!


Sarah from New Zealand

I have been in recovery from overeating for a little over 12 months and during that time I have developed a concept of a higher power (God) that I can turn over my will and my life to. It has had wonderful results and brought me astounding peace.

I embraced the intuition course as a way of connecting myself to my intuition as I did not feel fully convinced about the concept of a higher power that was “out there”. I worried that it too, like some humans I have relied on, might leave me one day. I embraced the intuition concept as a “back up plan”.

In my black and white fashion, I concluded that I was run by either intuition (inside me) or by God (outside me) and I was surprised to hear God’s name mentioned in the course. However when I let my intuition run, I suddenly saw that God and intuition are the same thing or parts of the same whole. I learned that God is “inside” of me, and intuition can be sought “outside” of me as well. It was a wonderful revelation.

I am a beginner on the spiritual journey and taking baby steps. However there are times when the light really switches on and during this course a light really came on. What I do with it is up to me, but I can’t think of a nicer medium to have learned this concept “God is Intuition, Intuition is God” than in this course.


Tuition is $380 USD per participant.

You and a friend or loved one may both register at the same time and get a $100 savings for a combined tuition of $660 USD.

Class size is limited to 6 people.



Registration is Closed

Class Schedule

Beginning date: Wednesday, TBD
End Date: Wednesday, TBD
Time: TBD
Weeks: 6 consecutive weeks

Class Registration 1 person, $380 USD

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Class Registration 2 people, $660 USD – save $100

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