Your Divine Gift – Raise Personal Vibration

A Free Gift for You!
A 30 minute, Fully-immersive, Hypnotic Regression called
Highest Personal Prosperity Vibration

Prosperity Vibration Cover 2

No matter how much manifestation work you do, you can only attract at the level of your personal vibration.

It makes sense to raise your personal vibration as high as you possibly can!

That’s why I created this hypnotic regression; to help you achieve the highest possible vibratory level available to you at this moment!



In this regression you will:

  • Travel to a special place where a unique chair awaits youRed Arrow 02
  • Call in a helper, such as a guide, master, or teacher
  • With this being’s help you will visualize your
    highest possible vibration available at that time
  • Calibrate to that highest vibration possible
  • Come back vibrating higher and feeling great,
    ready to create your desires!

This is my gift to you along with a complementary subscription to my ‘News and Updates.’

Just fill out the form to your right. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription.
Once you confirm you will be given instant access to the download page for this guided journey toward positive change.

It’s my joy to help you realize your dreams!


Enjoy Your Gift!

Enjoy Your Life!


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