Happiness Kit

The Happiness Kit:

7 powerful tips with tools
that unleash happiness
and give you back your life!

Price: $67.00
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Happiness Kit
Every day, the world gives you more and more reasons to be stressed, bothered, or depressed. With each new emotional uproar comes a measure of fear. You may not feel the fear directly, but you rarely feel completely safe, at least not enough to fully relax. You have sunk into a rut of unhappiness. Now it may seem as though you have no choice; the rut swallows you and you can’t get out.

It can be overwhelming.

In fact, if you are in this rut of unhappiness right now, what I’m about to say will probably seem laughable, even ridiculous. You may feel as though nothing will ever change, happiness is gone, and it will never return. Happiness can even feel like a lie and when you see happy people, you might imagine that they are lying to themselves and the world; that they are putting on a front.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Happiness is not a lie and it is not gone from you, it’s buried.* Thrown into a box and lost in the debris of life.

So how do you find and open the box?
How do you unleash Happiness?

The Happiness Kit gives you a simple holistic approach to flood your life with renewed peace and joy. Even if you cannot fathom ever finding happiness again, these tips and tools can help you cultivate moments of happiness that, with practice, will grow until you can feel happy regularly.

The tips contained in the Happiness Kit are simple to understand and implement using the tools provided. And the benefits to bringing more happiness into your life are enormous:

  • better relationships,
  • more creativity,
  • greater health,
  • heightened energy,
  • and much more.

The Happiness Kit contains:

Unleash Happiness: An Essential Companion eBook for the Happiness Kit
A 56 page eBook in PDF format that outlines the 7 powerful tips to regaining your happiness now, including chapters on:

  • Brainwaves and the Pineal Gland,
  • Grounding,
  • Letting Go of Burdens,
  • Mother Nature’s Essential Clearing Kit,
  • Discovering What You Want,
  • And more!

2 Audio Files

  • Claim Happiness Now – a 5-min relaxing guided-journey through afirmations designed to uplift and open your being to more happiness now. Set to nature sounds and utilyzing binaural beat technology, this audio allows you to step away from your cares for 5 mintues and emerge refreshed.
  • Mowing the Lawn Energetic Clearing – a 5-min guided meditation where you use your subconscioius mind and power of imagination to break and nullify old unwanted connections to people, places, and things that might be dragging on your energy and emotional well-being.

3 Affirmation Card Sets
To be used as affirmations, daily meditations, or inspiration. They are ready to print and cut into business cards to carry as a card set or clip to your bathroom mirror or refrigerator.

  • Happiness Affirmation Cards
  • Healthy Body Affirmation Cards
  • Letting Go Affirmation Cards

All Digital Product
Ready for download upon purchase

Price: $67.00
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* This statement may not apply to chronic problems like PTSD, chronic clinical depression, and other mental health disorders. These challenges should be taken seriously and anyone suffering them should seek professional help.


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