Clearing Old Connections

Often we take on energetic connections to other people that persist. Most often when we do, these persistent connections drain us and leave us feeling fatigued or otherwise discomforted.

These connections can be formed anytime, anywhere, but most often to people with which we harbor difficult or overwhelming emotions. These can be co-workers, friends, family, or even just customer support people that don’t help us the way we wanted them to.

Whatever the reason, it’s always best to clear these connections on a regular basis. When we do clear them, we leave ourselves refreshed and able to better interact with the world.

These old and persistent energetic connections are not needed. Even if they were formed with people we care deeply about, clearing them will not interfere with current heart-to-heart connections. In fact, clearing old and worn-out connections leaves your heart better able to connect in a positive and desired fashion, devoid of the upset that hung around in your emotional memory before the connections were cleared.

Clearing a connection doesn’t automatically clear all emotion around a person, but it’s a big step toward that end.

To help people with this clearing, I developed a short, 5-minute guided audio that will walk you gently through what I call ‘Clearing Energy – Mowing the Lawn.’ It can be used anytime, anyplace you can close your eyes and listen for 5 minutes. It will guide you through clearing your being of any unwanted, unhealthy or old connections to people and other energies. This clearing will open up your being to new and constructive energy exchanges. It will increase your creativity and enforce your personal boundaries in a loving way.

You can find this audio and several other free bonus offerings here.



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