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Born With It

You are intuitive. You were born with this ability, this sense of intuition.  It is your birthright, just like your ability to see, hear, and feel. Just like any of the other senses, there may be a child here or there that is born with this sense in deficit, just as from time to time a baby is born blind, or deaf.

But for the vast majority of people, intuition is a natural part of the human existence. [continued below picture]

Many people have grown up in an environment that has downplayed or outright condemned the use of this sense.  There are many reasons for that, including:  religious dogma, prejudice, bad experience, ignorance, fear, and sometimes just because it seems illogical.  Seeing comes through the eyes, hearing comes through ears, smell resides in the nose, but where does intuition come from?  Its genesis is not as easy to point to, or as rapidly understood.

You have been functioning in the world with an active intuition all your life and chances are you have misunderstood this fact.  You may have experienced intuitive hits, perhaps visions, dreams, messages, knowings, etc.  You may walk down this road instead of a familiar one and run into an old friend.  You may know who is calling on the phone before you pick it up.  You may instinctively know when to ask for a pay raise, or when a friend is in need of assistance.  In all these instances, you may wonder, at these rare and seemingly un-reproducible events not realizing that they are probably not so rare and are highly reproducible.

Let me say that again.  Experiencing your intuition and extrasensory events is not rare and is highly reproducible.  It is merely a matter of re-orienting your perception and developing your skill.

Everyone can agree that most people can learn to drive a car.  To learn to drive, you take a class and eventually get behind a wheel and sometime after you have practiced with supervision you take a test and get a license.  But consider this:  Before you learned to drive, you already knew how to watch for traffic, how to navigate left or right, how to turn a wheel, how to press outward with your foot, how to turn a key in a lock, etc…  What the class taught you were the rules of engagement and gave you the supervised experience to put all these small behaviors together into a process you call driving a car.  Developing your intuitive abilities is no different.

So this week, at least once a day, do something just because you sense it’s the right thing to do.  Pick up the phone, send out an email. Turn right instead of left.  What ever it is, just do it and note if you begin to have experiences that are rife with synchronicity.

Make no mistake, you are already psychic, you are already brilliant, so wrap your mind around it and have some fun!

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Enhance Your listening Capacity

You are ready to ask a question of your favorite divination tool! How do you ensure that you will hear the answer intended for you to hear?

Below is a sure-fire method for enhancing your listening capacity: [continued below picture]

  1. Relax – Stress is the #1 suppressor of your listening capacity. It doesn’t matter if it’s emotional, mental, or physical stress. It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative stress. Whatever the stress – let it go!Take a few moments and close your eyes. Take a breath in and hold it for a count of 10 then exhale and wait for a count of 10, repeat that a few times. Then think about your body starting with the head and feel the muscles in the head relax. Then think through each of your body areas in succession: neck, upper body, arms, hands, spine, lower abdomen, thighs, calves and feet. The act of putting your attention on the body area is what relaxes it.

    Remember, intention followed by attention creates action or change.

  2. Let go of any notion of what the message will be – It’s easy to be caught up in desire or fear and assume what message will be conveyed, or more often, know what you ‘want’ to be conveyed and rally your energy for that message to appear.Unfortunately, if the message you expect or strongly desire doesn’t show up in exactly the way you want it, the message that does appear may seem confusing or even irritating. If you begin each divination session with an affirmation, it can be easier to let go of pre-conceived notions and allow the tool to reveal truth.

    Try an affirmation like, “I am a clear and open reader.”

  3. Be willing to listen to the message the tool actually conveys – There can be many nuances to any message, or more than one way to interpret that message. What you want is for your intuition to guide you to the fullest, most truthful message possible. This takes a willingness to see truth.Tell yourself, before you begin, that you are open and willing to hear the truth of the situation. Try an affirmation such as, ”I am willing to see and hear the truth in this situation.”

    Now, put this all together into one affirmation that you say each time you sit down with your tool. Say something like this:

    “I am a relaxed, clear and open reader. I let go of pre-conceived notions and invite my intuitive channel to guide me. I am willing to see and hear the truth in this situation.”

    After a while the act of saying the affirmation will bring about the state you want to fully enhance your listening capacity and get the most out of your divination experience.

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Holding Regret

I often hear people lament on how they wish one thing they had done, or had been done to them, had happened differently, or had not happened at all.

If left unchecked, this line of thinking can only lead to one thing – regret. Holding onto regret only serves to perpetuate a state of judgment and fear. [continued below picture]

So what is the alternative?  We have spoken before about forgiveness.  We have spoken about letting go of fear and judgment and replacing it with understanding and love.  All this is true and good as a means of release, but can seem difficult to implement in the moment.

Try this: Spend 5 minutes twice a day for 7 days bringing the memory of the situation you wish to be different into your mind, and once visualized in depth, transform the scenario into one more to your liking. What we experience today is a holographic piece of all we have experienced throughout our existence.  And what we feel, how we react to the world is in direct response to how we hold those experiences in our being.

If you spend 5 minutes twice a day actively transforming the outcome of an event in your mental archives, it will transform how you hold that event.  It matters not if the original outcome has long lasting effects in the physical. By transforming how you hold it, you fundamentally change who you are and therefore your experience of now shifts.  The more to your liking these pictures transform, the more open, loving and compassionate you will be.  Regret will leave your side as a companion to be replaced with joy.

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Gratitude is the key to almost everything! I call gratitude the universal grease and you can use it for almost everything including, creating good relationships, having good health, feeling more happiness, and using several of life’s laws such as the law of attraction and the law of reciprocity.  [continued below picture]

So how do you bring more gratitude into your life? First of all, look around you. Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food to eat? Are you able to keep warm? These are basic human needs that, if you have them met, you are among the luckiest people on this earth. Many people on this planet do not have these very basic needs filled. So be grateful. 

What else do you have in your life? Family you love? Friends you enjoy being with? Pets that are always there for you? A job? Health? What do you have in your life that you can be grateful for? Everyone can find things to be grateful for in their life. You can also be grateful for living in the country you live in, the weather, your favorite television program. You see, it doesn’t matter where you start, just start to crank up the gratitude machine!

The more gratitude you feel, the more you will find in your life to be grateful for. So, this week, spend at least 5 minutes a day in gratitude, and this week I highly suggest you do this first thing in the morning. You can do this sitting in meditation, or walking the dog, it does not matter what your body is doing as long as you feel the gratitude in your heart. Each day, pump it up! Feel it more and more, you can be grateful for the same things each day, or different things, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is cranking up that gratitude machine so you have the grease you need to create a better life.

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Intuition is one of the most basic tools we humans have. Every one of us is born with this tool ready and waiting to be made use of.

You have undoubtedly had times in which you had a “feeling” about something you should do, or not do. Or perhaps you just “felt in your gut” that you should make a certain decision. These are the workings of your intuition.   [continued below picture]

Like a muscle, intuition must be exercised to grow stronger. Every person you have ever met or heard of that can demonstrate a strong intuitive sense can do so because they use it regularly.

One of the easiest ways to begin to exercise your intuitive sense is by playing the Bridge Game. So, this week, spend at least 10 minutes each day doing Step 1 of the Bridge Game.

Ask a friend or family member to help you. Sit with your friend and see a bridge form between your heart and theirs. As soon as you sense a bridge connecting your two hearts begin to describe that bridge. Just describe it in as much detail as you can. If there is anyone or anything standing or sitting on the bridge describe it as well. Then be done.

Do this every day, with the same person or different it does not matter. But what you will find is that as you progress with the exercise, more information will become known by you. The look and feel of the bridge will begin to make sense to you and will “tell” you things to relate about your friend or for your friend. New items and/or more people will come to speak to you on the bridge. Have fun with this and if your friend wants to play back with a bridge to your heart, let them! You can build your intuition together.

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Jefferson once wrote that all people have the right to pursue happiness. True happiness is a state of being that most of us wish to attain. Joy is an emotion, and while it feels that it stems from happiness, it can also be a stepping stone to that sometimes elusive state.

Like any other emotion, joy is stimulated by the actions we take or the actions we perceive others take. Many people do not feel joy regularly. However, there are simple methods for bringing joy into your life. Many of the topics I discuss in this tip series, when applied, bring immediate joy, such as: meditating, giving, receiving, loving, forgiving, laughing, and being grateful.

This week select a means of generating joy and be with that topic again, or for the first time if you are just joining these discussions. If you are not sure of which topic to choose, then choose gratitude. It is one of the easiest and brings so much more than joy that it is a gift to yourself in abundance.

So if this be your selection, then be in gratitude this week. Each day wake up and begin the process of falling in love with your life, one piece of it at a time. Be grateful for the roof over your head, your job, your food, or your friends – whatever you find, but be grateful in abundance and feel the joy fill your heart to overflowing!

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Laughing is one of the most powerful healing tools we have as human beings. Deep laughing exercises all the major organs of the body, stimulates the lymph glands, and boosts the immune system.

I am talking about real laughing – laughing from joy, or at least laughing to produce joy. Think back over your life and find a time when you were laughing for some other reason. Perhaps you were laughing out of nervousness, or fear. Try that now, laugh as if you are nervous or fearful. Notice how shallow it is, how it produces no real joy.

Now, think about something in your life that brought, or brings you real joy and allow yourself to laugh about it for a minute. Do you feel the difference? Your belly jiggles, your body moves around and you probably feel a joyful surge rise up to fill you.

This week, spend at least 5 minutes a day laughing. If you are sad and don’t feel like doing it, you need it even more that you think! Just do it. Even if you start stilted, with low flat tones, just keep at it… if you want look at yourself in the mirror, you will be laughing from a place of fun and joy before you know it.

Laughing in this way every day will tell the divine that you are committed to finding joy. Joy will come in time if not right away. Laughing this way regularly will also bring a greater sense of well-being and health into your life.

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Letting Go of Fear

Do not let your fear or anxiety masquerade as your intuition. To keep this from happening it is best to manage your fear or anxiety first. I tell my students to adopt some practice such as meditation to create a state of being that can discern and neutralize fear and anxiety. [continued below picture]

There are many forms of meditation; everything from moving meditations like running, yoga, dancing, and tai chi, to contemplative meditations such as found in many spiritual traditions on earth. What is common about all meditation I have ever practiced is that at some point in the mediation, the ego is released and we begin to experience ourselves and our realities from a non-judgmental state. Perhaps we go so far as to find the truth of our existence and our connection with creation.

Once you let go of fear, you can discern your intuitive voice more clearly and begin to align with it’s clarion call from your spiritual self.

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“To give is God’s path!” How true that is. Giving is another of our true master tools.

Giving with a sense of gratitude and coming from a place of contribution is like the grease to the wheels. The more of this you do, the more that the divine wants to come into your life and give to you.    [continued below picture]

Too many people keep a running tally in their minds of who they have given to. From this they expect the other person to reciprocate on the same level. If that other person does not reciprocate in kind, a sense of resentment begins to build. Believe me; nothing stops the universe from giving back to you than holding resentment around the giving process.

Giving is as natural as breathing. Giving is best when it comes from a place of contribution – from a clear place of wanting to make something better for someone else. The Universe wants to provide you with the means to fulfill your life in the ways you want to be fulfilled. Giving to others with respect, and with no thought other than to help them, opens the gates for the universe to do its job.

This week, find five people you are going to give to with no thought other than to make their life better. Usually, in order to do this, you have to engage in conversation with that person. You must ask them about their life and search in your life for what you may be able to provide. You must be conscious for this to work. What you will find in your life may astound you. Giving in this way opens the path for miracles and synchronicities to occur.

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To forgive is divine. This is so true! I can’t say it any better.

What I can say is what happens to you if you do NOT forgive.

Refusing to forgive fills you with resentment and resentment is a form of anger. Living with a load of anger in your life is the best way to cut yourself off from happiness. Why is that? Because anger is an active form of fear. It is an absolute truth that when you fill yourself with fear, you cannot make use of divine love, or any of the laws that come with the divine presence in your life.    [continued below picture]

Many people also have a sense of righteousness around their resentment. This idea of righteousness makes the resentment doubly difficult to live with, because you must always boost your self-esteem by putting someone else “in their place” instead of finding your true worth as a living sliver of the divine on Earth.

It doesn’t matter what has taken place in the past: all that matters is where you are now. So ask yourself, would you rather be filled with life-limited anger, or would you rather be expressing your true nature as a divine spirit?

If you chose the latter, I suggest you make a point of forgiving everyone around you, everyone from your past, and everyone in your life now, including yourself.

This week spend at least 5 minutes each day forgiving just one person in your life. Starting with one person makes this entire task seem less daunting. Take these steps to help the process:

  1. Think of that person. Bring up a mental image of that person.
  2. Put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself, what must that person have been feeling to act as they did? Really do this, it is key.
  3. Now try to feel those feelings in yourself. Really feel how you want to act and how you want to treat people around you if you feel like that. In many circumstances, feel what it must have been like to interact with you at that time, in the state YOU were in.
  4. Now realize that to live with those feelings must be difficult.
  5. Now forgive, let go, say out loud if you must that you understand that neither you nor this other person are perfect and that human emotions are hard to deal with at times.
  6. Now forgive: Forgive that person and forgive yourself.

If you truly find forgiveness from this be grateful and move on to another person the next day. But, if you come out of this exercise not quite there yet, work on this same person the next day. Do this exercise with each person you hold resentment toward until you are clear. You will find a wellspring of happiness and a lightness of being permeate your life as you continue down this incredibly healing road of forgiveness.

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