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Rabika Card Primer Now Available


The Rabika Primer

I’m pleased to report that a Rabika Divination Card Primer is now up and accessible on this website. In it you will find a treasure trove of information about how to better interpret the cards in your readings!

The Primer is available here.

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Why Round

Many people ask, “Why are Rabika cards round?”

The answer is simple. In a layout, the round shape facilitates the cards influencing one another from anywhere in the layout, depending upon where they point once the card falls.

The ability of the Rabika round cards to influence each other so liberally gives a layer of interaction to the readings that make the reading so rich.

There are three influence types of cards in the Rabika card deck. The 2-10 cards send their influence along one axis; therefore pointing in two directions. The Yang, Yin, and Youth cards send their influence along two axises; therefore pointing in four directions. The 1 cards spiral their influences and send them in all directions.



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When a Rabika Lifecross reading is laid out, it takes on a very three dimensional presentation. The layout of the reading has meaning in every direction: top-bottom, left-right, and depth.

The hemispheres of the board are as follows:

  • Yang hemisphere = external movement, either by external forces or external movement of the self.
  • Yin hemisphere = internal forces at work.
  • Unconscious hemisphere = those things we are becoming aware of.
  • Conscious hemisphere = that which is or should already be in awareness.

The hemispheres are arranged thus:

  • Upper Right = Conscious Yang
  • Upper Left = Conscious Yin
  • Lower Right = Unconscious Yang
  • Lower Left = Unconscious Yin

The spine of the reading falls up the middle of the board, straddling the Yin and Yang hemispheres.  The bottom section, called the Cradle, falls in the unconscious hemisphere and the upper section, called the heart cross, falls in the conscious hemisphere.

When extra cards (spots 9-11) that add dimension to the reading fall around the outer circumference of the board, these cards can be positioned in any of the hemispheres depending upon their intended meaning.

In this way, the position of a card in any particular hemisphere can provide valuable information about the rich meaning of that card.




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