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As Natural as Breathing

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a baby newly born? A newborn’s inner divinity shines forth as naturally as the sun rises in the east. Those eyes are filled with love; they are replete with wonder, and open to new experience. And the deep and obvious wisdom in that baby’s eyes will calm all who see it in return. That baby is obviously awake.


Like that newborn, you were also born awake.

But what often happens as we live and have more and more of those experiences that as newborn’s we crave? We tend to fall deeper into the illusion of ourselves as less than divine, as less than soul inspired wisdom. We tend to shrink from the truth of our own mastery and live as if we are small beings.

Well, hear this; you are as much and more than you were when you pushed from your mother’s womb. The full self that opened its eyes to the wonders of this world for the first time has learned more, done more, become more. You were big then, and you are bigger now. The delusion of consciousness that hides much of your light under a barrel of ‘less than’ is a lie you tell yourself to help mediate the fearful circumstances you perceive to exist all around you.

The thing is, throwing off that delusion of ‘less than’ and flowing back to the natural state of you, born into this world as a fully conscious and awake individual, is as natural a process as breathing. There is little you need do but re-engage with the natural world and remember the truth of who you are. You are a sliver of the divine energy of creation made manifest on this Earth. You are part of the divine weave of nature that lives around you.

Stand up now, let go of your fear, and be awake again!

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Healing is a Choice

Healing energy focuses, mends, teaches, and dissipates fear by illuminating the truth. It creates cohesion, where fracturing existed before. Healing is about creating wholeness. All healing is self-healing. We heal from any challenge in response to our desire and intention to do so. From that desire we make a choice.

Lake Pier

When our physical form experiences dis-ease it is following some call within us. It is a reflection of our internal truth. Recognize that our physical body is not the first part of us to go out-of-whack. Generally speaking, our energetic body, in response to our emotional and mental states, is off balance first, before our physical body.

This is not to say that those who are ill are to ‘blame’ for their illnesses. Illnesses happen for many reasons and when you or someone you love becomes ill there is no need to blame.  Blame is a fear-based activity that can only extend the problem and delay healing and/or acceptance. Instead, focus energy on what can be done to bring you or your loved one back into balance. This includes focusing on love and support.

Most people do not want to be ill. Yet, many illnesses facilitate exactly what a person needs/wants for his or her own purpose that may not be conscious. The purpose is spawned at a soul level. Many people I have known who have been afflicted with overwhelming physical challenges, say after they have ‘healed’ from the shock or the genesis of the malady, that they would never wish to go back to who they were before the ailment. In this way, illness can be a formative teacher and change agent.

Unfortunately, some illnesses are life-threatening, not merely life-altering. When an illness is present that heralds death, healing takes on a new form. Healing becomes about accepting the process. This may include healing old wounds and bringing bonds of love to the forefront. In this way, acceptance brings healing, not of the malady, but of the inner self through the process of acceptance. This type of healing creates wholeness, again by removing the fear and dis-ease that may be fracturing you.

This type of healing garnered through the process of acceptance is also required by any malady that becomes chronic or is otherwise unable to be changed, such as accepting the loss of some part of your body, or a change in the function of some part of your body.

We have dominion of our bodies, both our energetic and physical forms. Sometimes we choose to give our dominion away, but we can take it back. We are the only ones that can allow or disallow healing to occur within us. If we allow another to aid us, such as a healer or a healing aid (e.g., therapy, acupuncture, surgery, medicine, etc…) we may find that our own healing commences faster or with greater ease. But always remember, we are the ones accepting the help and realizing the healing from that help.

So, when something is out of focus, shattered, misunderstood, or feared within any part of our natural being; it can be healed.  And that healing begins with a choice.

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Become More

Have you ever watched a child play when they didn’t know you were watching?


When left alone, most children will assume some affect that doesn’t reflect reality, as you know it. They will pretend to be someone different, or have a larger experience of things or people around them than you can see. If you’ve noticed this, does it make you question their sanity? Probably not, because this type of play is how children learn about themselves and grow.

So then, why stifle this same behavior in yourself? Truthfully, in your most quiet and private moments, don’t you sometimes see more, feel more, be more, imagine more? Isn’t this how you become more?

Be like a child again! Have fun and find that more of yourself echoed in your play!

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Live Big!

As humans, we have a compulsion to manipulate our environment. It’s built into the fabric of our being. Even the naturalist, who sheds cloths and spurns dwellings, will pile leaves or straw to lay upon in sleep. Why fight it? If you feel compelled to exert dominion over the world around you, why not do that with gusto and live as big as you want?

Allowing for the respect of co-creation and co-habitation, the Creator would not have given you the desire to suit your world to your liking if she didn’t want you to do just that!


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Divine Mother

Your Divine Mother,
the giver of all life,
the interconnected weave of nature,
that exists all around you and within you,
is infinitely capable of producing,
through her wisdom,
infinite possibilities of creation.


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Bounteous Gifts

Purple Flower
We give ourselves bounteous gifts when we turn an eye to wonder! We form new paths of understanding and joy when we allow our gaze to be moved by curiosity. When a mind wants to know and greets that desire with youthful adulation, the world stands at attention and opens her gates to the glory that is our universe.

Be light in your pursuits, be soft in your attentions, be kind with your curiosities and all of creation will place its secrets at your feet.

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Shortest Distance

We tend to believe that the shortest distance to a place – be it a location in space, or the solution to a quandary – is the fastest to travel. This is especially true if, when we look down our path, we see the glorious end point of our desire looming fully colored in our vision.

What we can miss, sometimes, is the mirage of the straight line. Straight lines do not exist in the natural world. Even laser beams can be bent by the forces of electricity and magnetism toward and around where they flow.

When we start down a path toward a visioned end that seems joyously beckoning right in front of us, the universe has a tendency to interpolate our steps. Like fallen logs upon our path, providence adds diversions and energies that veer us this way or that, until we may find at some unexpected bend that our visioned end point seems to all but disappear!

So walk your road with your vision in place held firmly in your heart, but don’t fuss if it’s not readily viewable on the horizon: in other words, don’t concern yourself with whether or not you can see HOW you will reach that vision. Just hold the vision and walk where your feet lead.

Because what seems like the longest road as you travel, may indeed be the shortest distance to the goal!

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Today of Great Wealth

If Today were just another day, then you could turn your attention from it: it would have no inherent worth.

But Today is not just another day – it is the very soil of your life. It is the divine repository of every hope, dream, and desire you cherish. Plant your seeds of attention in the soil of Today and Tomorrow will be a Today of Great Wealth. When every Today is blessed with your valuable attention, then every Tomorrow is a Today of Great Wealth.

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Prosperity Bunny

I had an interesting experience yesterday while I was driving in my car.

Rolling down the road, I could see the expanse of our bountiful Mother Earth spread before me. Horizon to horizon was a carpet of green trees. Majestic mountains stood as the backdrop. The crisp blue waters of a powerful river flowed next to me and I could not help but breathe in the beauty and joy that exists in our good green earth.

Before me lay a representation of the prosperity I’m calling to my being. The abundance of life was right here, not far away, but right here, right now. I began to think, what more do I have to be, or do, or find to accept it? To take it in as the glorious gift that it is intended to be?

I realized this bounty, these gifts came in that moment because they were just waiting for me to open my mind to perceive them – to see, hear and feel their presence. They were waiting for me to open my heart and receive them. They were not far away, not in the future, not even paid forward from the past. They were just right here, right now.

It’s something I do every day, ask to be open to receive.

And as I contemplated these thoughts – thoughts of change, thoughts of acceptance, thoughts or shifting to accept more of the gifts that come my way – I saw the flow moving in stronger and stronger and of course, some flowed back out. Flowed out as gifts to others in my community, as being of service, as creating around me the space for others to be authentic and to accept the bounty intended for them as well.

It was expansive, but it also felt a little serious, as if it was profound thought. And for me the profundity felt serious.

As soon as I realized that I was feeling serious, as if these thoughts of flow and acceptance and generosity had some sort of weight to them – a weight that had to be carried, held up, efforted – the most incredible thing happened. From a side street, pulling out into the lane right behind my vehicle, was a man on a mini-bike dressed in a pick bunny costume. A grown man on a mini-bike in a pink bunny costume, large pink ears bobbing in the wind!

I began to laugh and it was the glorious punch-line of all the thought I’d had so far on my drive. These thoughts of abundance and service are not profound, they are light. The giving and receiving has no weight, it is effortless. Accepting the gifts, receiving the bounty, and sending it back out as gift and service to others is weightless when it’s done with a joy-filled mind and a happy, compassionate heart.

All that is before us is ready to be accepted, so laugh! Be the light spirit and happy soul that sees the humor and the joy in the love all around us. Be the wonderful stuff of joy and gifts will flow without weight, without effort, but with the light intention of abundance, our Creator wants us to experience.

And if you ever forget that one simple thing – I wish for you a man in a pick bunny costume who will ride at your back and make you laugh with the joy that is inherent in your heart just waiting for you!

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Immerse in Life

Strawberry Water Splash

Live immersed,
as if every drop of life around you is essential to your being,
to your survival, to your happiness.
Living this way will bring you closer to truth.


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