Why Round

Many people ask, “Why are Rabika cards round?”

The answer is simple. In a layout, the round shape facilitates the cards influencing one another from anywhere in the layout, depending upon where they point once the card falls.

The ability of the Rabika round cards to influence each other so liberally gives a layer of interaction to the readings that make the reading so rich.

There are three influence types of cards in the Rabika card deck. The 2-10 cards send their influence along one axis; therefore pointing in two directions. The Yang, Yin, and Youth cards send their influence along two axises; therefore pointing in four directions. The 1 cards spiral their influences and send them in all directions.



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Relative Calm

Calm in the outside world is relative.

In some parts of the world today, calm may be that an earthquake’s after-shocks are further apart and no new big temblors are experienced.

In another part of the world, calm may be that the artillery fire of troops-of-war may be in the distance, rather than at the door.

In another part of the world, calm may be experienced by the first budding of trees into spring’s new life.

It’s all relative outside.

But what about inside? The calm we can experience inside can be maintained regardless of the order of calm that may or may not surround us. Calm inside means we are larger than circumstances, that the state of the world cannot take away our own power to choose.

When we are calm inside, we are able to see creative solutions, we handle uncertainty with grace, and we hold other people with love in our hearts. We are free to display generosity and kindness, because these acts don’t threaten our ability to survive whatever we are facing.

And when we are not calm inside, there is always a road that leads back to calm. Calm is our natural state. it is where the body-mind-spirit meet and bring us to our inner home. We may have little power to create calm in our environment, but we always have power to create a calm interior.

It’s your choice. And truth is, if you make the effort to create this inner state of calm when it’s not imperative, it will be easier to achieve and maintain when it is imperative.

May calm be with you.



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Clearing Old Connections

Often we take on energetic connections to other people that persist. Most often when we do, these persistent connections drain us and leave us feeling fatigued or otherwise discomforted.

These connections can be formed anytime, anywhere, but most often to people with which we harbor difficult or overwhelming emotions. These can be co-workers, friends, family, or even just customer support people that don’t help us the way we wanted them to.

Whatever the reason, it’s always best to clear these connections on a regular basis. When we do clear them, we leave ourselves refreshed and able to better interact with the world.

These old and persistent energetic connections are not needed. Even if they were formed with people we care deeply about, clearing them will not interfere with current heart-to-heart connections. In fact, clearing old and worn-out connections leaves your heart better able to connect in a positive and desired fashion, devoid of the upset that hung around in your emotional memory before the connections were cleared.

Clearing a connection doesn’t automatically clear all emotion around a person, but it’s a big step toward that end.

To help people with this clearing, I developed a short, 5-minute guided audio that will walk you gently through what I call ‘Clearing Energy – Mowing the Lawn.’ It can be used anytime, anyplace you can close your eyes and listen for 5 minutes. It will guide you through clearing your being of any unwanted, unhealthy or old connections to people and other energies. This clearing will open up your being to new and constructive energy exchanges. It will increase your creativity and enforce your personal boundaries in a loving way.

You can find this audio and several other free bonus offerings here.



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Give Clear Guidance for Others

One of the most satisfying uses of listening to your intuitive voice is being able to give clearer, more helpful advice to other people. It is one way that we can nourish our community and extend the benefits of our wisdom and experience into the world around us.

Learning how to bring your intuitive wisdom to bear for other people is not as difficult as it might appear. Whenever someone asks you for advice, begin by setting the intention to help by stating it clearly to yourself. You can use any affirmation that feels good to you. Here are a few I know that work well:

  • I am a clear and perfect channel
  • I bring wisdom into every situation
  • I ask for the highest good of all concerned
  • I intend to use intuition to help others now

Next, quiet your mind and put a moment’s attention on your heart. Take a deep breath and let your chest relax. This makes room for your heart chakra to expand.

Then pay full attention to what the other person is saying and asking. Listening is very important. You must listen to the person you want to help and you must listen to your intuitive voice. Take care not to assume you know what the answer will be. Often, especially if the person asking for help has asked for our help on the same issue in the past, it is easy to just recite the same answer or solution you offered the last time. However, consider that perhaps there are more or even different things to say to this person that will help her actually come to a satisfactory conclusion with her stressors.

This week, seek to find at least one person each day you can give clear guidance to.

Remember that when we assume we know the answer we are often speaking from either our emotional or mental minds, rather than from our intuition. And our emotional mind can be overtaken by judgment so easily that what we say may completely lack wisdom. So, set all considerations except being of service aside and listen for the softer, gentler voice to guide you.

In this way, you may find that genuine answers come more easily, or you may feel more compassion for the other person’s situation. Or you may feel nothing new at all, but over time your sense of knowing that you can positively help people when they ask for it will grow.



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We all have dreams. Even if in depression or pain we feel our dreams have been crushed or damaged, they are still our dreams.

When a dream teeters on the edge of destruction, the first thing to do is get it out of yourself.

A newly born dream needs to incubate. You hold it inside and it grows with your passion. This is only good for a time though, because until you get it out of yourself, you can be tempted to give up on it. It’s easy to drown something that has no arms and legs of it’s own.

Here are some suggestions on how to get your dream out of you and begin to give it a life of it’s own:

  • Write it down on paper.
  • Tell your family or friends.
  • Start a blog about the topic.
  • Start a journal of what you learn about your dream.
  • Make a dream board.
  • Place it on a 3×5 card and paste it to your mirror.
  • Write a song about it.

In other words, do whatever it takes to grant that dream arms and legs so that when you are tempted to let it go, it grabs onto you and won’t leave!


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How to use Fluorite

Fluorite is most well known for the ability to absorb and neutralize negative and de-ionized energy. It can be used to transmute negative emotions and calm the mental and emotional bodies.

Fluorite grows in every color of the rainbow and many samples are striped with multiple colors. The different colors can target a particular energy center by using a stone that is the same color as the chakra you wish to work with. For example, the green fluorite works so well on the heart energy center as that energy center is primarily green in nature.

Striped stones can be used to bridge the energy centers that are represented. For example, I often use a fluorite stone that is striped with purple, white and green. It helps create a bridge between my crown, third eye and heart. It’s very powerfully transforming.

You can use a fluorite stone to enhance your life in many ways. Such as:

  • Hold it in your left hand during meditation to lighten your mood and enhance your personal feeling of peace.
  • If you are an empath, hold the stone in your left hand to help de-emphasize the emotions of others in your personal space. The purple variety is particularly good for this.
  • Hold the stone and ask it to come into your life and help you with any situation you need help with at that moment. Recognize that you can’t do it all yourself and then choosing to ask for help is a powerful step toward change.
  • Carry it in your pocket or purse to help maintain a positive and calm attitude throughout your day.
  • Place it in any room to help ionize the air, and cleanse negative feelings left over from difficult interactions.
  • Hold the stone in your right hand to help concentrate calming energy to people around you. This is especially helpful if you are helping another person work through a difficult situation.
  • Hold the stone over your heart to calm relationship challenges and bring yourself back into balance.
  • Use the stone in any other way it invites you to use it.


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How to Use Quartz Clusters

Quartz Clusters are most powerful when attached to your environment. They are generally best set in your home, office, vehicle, or any other place where you want to remain clear and open to the energies of healing and higher consciousness.

Place a cluster in the open air, rather than under something or in a drawer. It works best when it is able to radiate freely.

The cluster will anchor the energies into your environment and make it, and therefore you and others in the environment, less receptive to pain, evil, or any other energies that may throw you off course. It will radiate 24/7 guarding, cleansing, and shielding the place you give it dominion over.

Anyone in its presence will be naturally pulled toward a higher state of consciousness and less able to fall off-center.

Periodically place your other stones near the cluster for a quick amplification of their natural energies and cleansing of any emotions or difficulties you have surrendered to them.

You can also use a cluster as a meditative tool by staring at it in dim light and letting it bring you images and visions.  They can be powerful doorways to expanded dimensions and altered states on consciousness.

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When a Rabika Lifecross reading is laid out, it takes on a very three dimensional presentation. The layout of the reading has meaning in every direction: top-bottom, left-right, and depth.

The hemispheres of the board are as follows:

  • Yang hemisphere = external movement, either by external forces or external movement of the self.
  • Yin hemisphere = internal forces at work.
  • Unconscious hemisphere = those things we are becoming aware of.
  • Conscious hemisphere = that which is or should already be in awareness.

The hemispheres are arranged thus:

  • Upper Right = Conscious Yang
  • Upper Left = Conscious Yin
  • Lower Right = Unconscious Yang
  • Lower Left = Unconscious Yin

The spine of the reading falls up the middle of the board, straddling the Yin and Yang hemispheres.  The bottom section, called the Cradle, falls in the unconscious hemisphere and the upper section, called the heart cross, falls in the conscious hemisphere.

When extra cards (spots 9-11) that add dimension to the reading fall around the outer circumference of the board, these cards can be positioned in any of the hemispheres depending upon their intended meaning.

In this way, the position of a card in any particular hemisphere can provide valuable information about the rich meaning of that card.




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How to Use Citrine

The Citrine stone is powerfully connected to your first, second, and third chakras. That means it is best used to help you with power and security issues. Use the Citrine to help you stay rooted to the earth, calm fears, and remain centered in your personal power.  I personally use citrine to calm and balance my energetic field.

You can use your Citrine in these ways:

  • Lie down and place the stone over your third chakra (just a few inches above your navel.) Visualize its energy penetrating deep into your tissues and cleansing your power center, enabling a cleaner, fresher perspective on the world.
  • Carry the stone with you in the world to help you remain grounded and calm as you deal with life’s challenges and uncertainties.
  • If you become off-centered or angry, hold the Citrine in your left hand and blow the anger or other emotions into the stone. Let the stone carry the emotions away and ground them into the earth to be transformed.
  • Call upon the energies connected to the stone to help you attain your goals, short term or long term. Something as simple as finding a parking place, or something as all encompassing as finding a new job.
  • Enhance your meditation by holding it in your left hand either by itself or with the other Energy Stones.
  • Place it on your bed stand at night to help amplify your dreams and promote sounder sleep.
  • Use the stone in any other way it invites you to use it.



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The Bridge Game

If you want to experience more clarity and ease of use of your intuition then you must exercise your intuition regularly. One of the easiest ways to do that is by playing the Bridge Game.
What you need to play:

  • A partner
  • An open heart
  • Willingness to use your intuition

How to Play:

  1. Sit with your partner and envision, in your mind’s eye, a bridge form between your heart and your partner’s.
  2. As soon as you sense a bridge connecting your two hearts begin to describe the bridge as you see it.
  3. Describe the bridge in as much detail as you can.
  4. If there is anyone or anything standing or sitting on the bridge describe the person or object as well.

You will find that the type of bridge, building materials used, and any other aspects of the bridge will tell you a lot about the person to whom you are building the bridge. For example, if you see a very short bridge, with lots of plants growing on and around it, you might surmise that the person you are building the bridge to has an open heart (by virtue of the short nature of the bridge) and is very happy to be alive (by virtue of the living things on and around it.) Your intuitive sense will help you interpret these things as you experience them. Another example might be that you see a bridge that is old and decrepit, which would be very difficult to walk across without falling into a deep chasm below; from this vision you might surmise that this person is very guarded and does not easily share from the heart.

If you see people sitting or standing on the bridge, enter into a conversation with them and see if they have something to say to you. You may be able to receive very valuable messages from your partner’s guides.

Remember, your senses may be dull at first; you will not be seeing with your eyes, or hearing with your ears, but you may indeed be ‘seeing’ or ‘hearing’ with your mind’s eye. Also, know that information can come to you as sights, sounds, smells, thoughts and feelings, so be open to all of your senses and pay attention to where your particular sensory strengths might lie.

Do this every day, with the same person or different ones; it does not matter. You will find that as you progress with the exercise, more information will become known by you. The look and feel of the bridge will begin to make sense to you and will “tell” you things to relate about, or for, your partner. New items and/or more people will come to speak to you on the bridge. Have fun with this and if your partner wants to play back with a bridge to your heart, let him or her! You can build your intuition together.



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