Be Authentic

Your authentic self is a gift to everyone and everything around you. The world deserves to see you and hear you. The world deserves to be made better by your presence. But are you being you, authentically?

If not, the world is missing out, the world is diminished. Most especially the world that is closest to you; your family, your friends, your immediate community.

This week, do this instead: Stand up and be authentic! Listen to the heart that beats in your breast. Think with the higher mind that can make use of your magnificent heart and brain. Let the authentic voice that only you can bring to us, sing out and be heard.

When you do, your world will come alive, and the people and circumstances in your world will let you know in unambiguous terms, that they were merely waiting for you to arrive.

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Immerse in Life

Strawberry Water Splash

Live immersed,
as if every drop of life around you is essential to your being,
to your survival, to your happiness.
Living this way will bring you closer to truth.


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Table of Life

Who you are, who you bring to the table of life, governs what the table of life serves you.

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This morning I received a wonderful note from a reader wherein the question was put to me, where did I learn meditation and what are the initial steps to meditation? I wrote a blog over a year ago called ‘Meditating‘ but it seemed like a subject worth touching on again.

Below is the answer I sent this reader:


As far as meditation, I first learned to ‘meditate’ from my Grandmother. She had a very simple method for meditating. Since then, I have trained in a few different, more traditional meditation methods. However, I have never found anything more helpful, or more transformative than the simple method my Grandmother taught me.  It’s described at the bottom of the article at this page:

After all these years and using several methods, I’ve found that meditation is not about ‘doing.’  It’s about ‘allowing.’ It’s about becoming aware of what is happening in you and opening a place inside where the divine can fill you.

The divine energy need not be from a god or other higher power, though it can be if that is your personal belief.  But it can be merely the calling in of the vital life force energy that exists throughout all the universe.  That which gives you life, can transform your life. It’s about welcoming the divine into your life and allowing ‘it’ to be a transformative agent. Some call the vital life force Chi, some call it Prana. What you call it doesn’t matter, only that you do call it in!

The meditation method described in the blog is a method that anyone can use, no matter the religious belief, or spiritual leaning, if any.

I believe we exist in a place that is separate from the daily thoughts we all have crowding our minds. Let the thoughts become separate from you. Let you exist separate from your thoughts.  Your thoughts don’t have to stop, just let the thoughts go by without engaging in them.  Then ask the divine to come in and fill you.

I wish you peace.

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Angel Blessing

Yesterday morning during meditation, one of my teachers tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Look above you.” When I did I was surprised to see a small angel, about 8 or 9 inches high. I was mesmerized by her. She was opalescent in color and translucent.

(See slideshow below.)

I finally had the idea to ask if I could take her picture; she said yes, so I did. The camera happened to be right next to me. I snapped several with my digital camera and of that group, 2 were clear.

Then she went away. As soon as she left, I was filled with a thousand questions! I couldn’t believe I didn’t ask any questions. So I called out for her to please come back. To my surprise she did. And as soon as she arrived, all questions disappeared and I was filled with a joy and peace that was extraordinary. This time she appeared to be leaned toward me with her arms outstretched as if she were giving me a gift. And like the first time, I again picked up my camera and shot several snaps, 3 came out.

She left, but then I heard her whisper in my ear, that anyone who views her photo is blessed.

I spent the rest of the day in a state of absolute bliss.

So here you go, these are the 5 photos. They do not convey the fullness of color that I saw on her, but they are unmistakable. What you see in the background is the ceiling.

Be blessed!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Pure Light of Creation – You

Look at your hands. Go ahead, hold them out in front of you, and take a good long, look at them. These hands do a lot. Think about what these hands do for you during the course of a day. The value of these hands in your life is immense.


Now picture the most precious thing you do with these hands. Do they cradle your child? Do they caress your spouse? Do they brush the hair of your aging mother? Picture your hands doing that very precious chore for you, whatever it is. And feel the power, the love, that emanates from those hands as they perform this precious chore for you. Imagine your hands doing that cherished act right here, right now.

Now take one of these hands and hold it up to your cheek. Gently rub your cheek. Imagine that cheek is your child’s cheek, your spouse’s shoulder, or your mother’s forehead. Let yourself melt into that hand for a moment. Feel the love that is in that hand. Absorb that love, as you would want any cherished being in your life to absorb it. Lean your head into your hand as your loved one would lean into it. Feel the love that is pulsing out of that hand. That love is immense.

That love is you. What you just felt from your own hand is a hint of your own power of self, trying to bring itself to bear.

Did that feeling just now from your own hand make you feel good, if even for moment? Did it give you a glimpse of calm, a fragment of soothing acceptance? Did it? Does that surprise you?

It shouldn’t.

And if you really grasped the truth of who you are, the immensity of the love you are at your core, a manifestation of the pure light of creation, you would wonder instead why your reaction to your hand’s touch was not bigger!

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Happy Valentines Day

Whatever level of love you live for, you can reach higher. Whatever level of love you give, you can give more. Whatever level of love you receive, you can receive more. Whatever level of love you expect from the world, you can expect more.

Learn, in all ways, to be love. Not romantic love, not sappy love, not the love you see on television, or read about in magazines. Be the love your creator made you from.  Unconditional, life-affirming, and powerful.

Whatever you experience right here right now, you can have more.

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The Small of It

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday wherein she asked me if I had recently spoken with a mutual friend. I answered, “No, I haven’t seen him online.” As soon as I said that, I realized it was the ‘Small-of-It.’ My response wasn’t a lie, I hadn’t seen him online, but there was something much more important behind my actions than a quirk of opportunity. I hadn’t spoken with our mutual friend in a while because our last conversation was painful and I wasn’t interested in deepening that friendship as a result. That was the ‘Large-of-It.’

One could argue that my answer was politic. I would agree. One could argue that I had a right to keep things close to the vest if I chose to. I would agree with that as well. And yet, my response caused me to pause; gave me an opportunity to think about how I chose to present myself to the world.

The question I pondered was this: When does giving the small-of-it to the world make ME smaller?

I began to see that responding to the world with the small-of-it can be insidious. It can begin to feel as if everything we have, everything we are internally, is too much for the world. The small-of-it response can prompt us into fear; into believing the world will knock us down or cause us pain if we dare to present the large-of-it. It can permeate our thinking and cause us to pull away from the spark of light that we truly are. Fostering the small-of-it response can overtake our creative processes and effect our visioning. We can begin to see ourselves as having no alternative but to BE the small-of-it in ALL areas of life.

See now that the small-of-it may be the truth, but it is not the whole truth, and may not even be the better part of the truth. The large-of-it carries weight, has more importance, and therefore adds power to our vision of what we want out of life.

So this week, ask yourself this: Do I respond to life with the small-of-it, instead of the large-of-it? Are there ways in which I can begin to live the large-of-it, without fear of the consequences? Instead, am I ready to give credence to that which makes me larger?

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Many people are plagued with barriers. Barriers to love, barriers to happiness, barriers to freedom of one kind or another. And they fight; banging against these barriers in an attempt to break them down forcefully.

But what if the barriers are merely a miss-perception? What if these so called barriers do not even exist?

If you are fighting against perceived barriers, consider that you might be fighting with nothing. That your energy might actually be wasted; perpetuating a state that keeps you standing in one place without forward movement.

Consider that the fight and the barrier are intertwined; one cannot exist without the other. Let go of one and the other might fall showing itself to be empty and without solidity.

Give some thought to discontinuing the fight. Rather than breaking through barriers with force, change your perception, and they might just simply vanish!

This week find one barrier you perceive in your life and turn your thinking around. Let it show itself for the emptiness it really is and see through it. On the other side of every perceived barrier is a world full of promise!


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Prophecy is Probability

The future is not written in stone. It is being created as we speak. Nothing that is going to happen is without affect, right here and right now. In other words, knowledge can give you the ability to change the future, or help guide you toward an experience you prefer.

So what is the reason you would want to even look at the future if it’s not created yet and certainly malleable? If it can’t be predicted beyond a shadow of a doubt, what would be the use?

Well, there is a lot of use actually to looking at the future, but its best done not by looking at the future directly, but by assessing the energy of a situation as it is right now. How is it brewing? What circumstances are leading us or the situation toward an inevitable conclusion? If we can know these things, possible paths to change and influence might become illuminated.

For example, say you want to know if you are going to get a job. If in looking at that question from the perspective of the energies creating it, you might gain the understanding that the person who interviewed you was stuck between deciding on you or another person. You might learn that the deciding vote would be cast on the person who could demonstrate a particular skill. You might then conclude to send an email to that person and happen to mention that you spent 2 years working at another establishment that gave you that skill. In knowing that the outcome was dependent upon a particular piece of knowledge you were empowered to actively influence the situation in a way that could sway the outcome in your favor.

You may have already been feeling the need to check in with that person, but without the added knowledge of what the person was debating about, your email might have had no sway whatsoever. By looking at the future event through the filter of what energies are currently in play and actively creating that future event, you are receiving practical, usable information where you are empowered to actively create your experience.

I know through years of experience, that there are few times when future predictions are absolute. More often than not, situations are open to influence.

Just the act of looking at a future event can energize change in the outcome that was observed.

So when you are gaining information from your intuitive senses that seem to be pointing to a future event, always ask why. Why am I being given this information? What can be influenced here? Just like any other information, there are only two reasons why you would even bother to know anything about the future, either you have something you can do to influence the outcome, or you need to change your course or the course of the one you’re reading for.

This week, take one situation you want to have an influence upon and look at it through the lens of probability; discern what energy is working to influence that situation right now and become empowered to make a change if appropriate.

You can always use a free online Rabika reading to help with this. Rabika is based on this concept that you are best served by understanding all the energies around any situation so you become enlightened with knowledge and have the information you need to set an appropriate course of action.

So to recap, future events are always future probabilities. You can assess the probabilities, examine the possible influences, and set a course of action based upon that knowledge. If you look at prediction in this way, it will always serve you.



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