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Kaarin Alisa


Kaarin Alisa has honed her abilities as a spiritual teacher and metaphysical practitioner for nearly forty years. An author and clinical hypnotherapist by training, she has helped scores of people overcome obstacles and break unhealthy habits so they are free to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

Using her remarkable gifts of penetrating intuition and psychic wisdom along with guided meditations and plain common sense, Kaarin is dedicated to raising consciousness, one person at a time. Her life’s work centers on helping people find, and stay true to their paths.

Kaarin is the creator of the Rabika Tools including the Rabika Card Set. She considers herself a steward for this work that has now grown far past her initial input to encompass the vast Rabika Grid. A sought-after speaker, Kaarin offers tele-seminars, intensives, spiritual life coaching, and individual intuitive and energetic sessions by appointment.

Currently, Kaarin is focused on teaching classes, writing books, and working on individual projects. To learn more about Kaarin’s books and other projects, visit kaarinalisa.com.

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