Rabika Primer

Below is a collection of information to help you understand the Rabika Card Tool. Learn how to better interpret the meaning of the cards as well as where Rabika came from. Enjoy!

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Rabika Primer The following primer was written for people using a Rabika Tool Card Deck. However, most of the information is also pertinent to understanding, and getting more from, your online virtual readings. Cick any of the ‘Show’ links below …

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Origins of Rabika

Origins of Rabika: a Tale of the Tortoise in Kaarin’s Words   I collected oddities as a child such as, old hats, antique Chinese snuff bottles (unearthed in my backyard), and cards. Playing cards. My collection consisted of cards of …

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Getting More From Your Reading

When you participate in the FREE online Rabika Readings, you are invoking the incredible energies of the Rabika Grid to aid you in that moment. The cards that are returned with their corresponding meanings are aligned based on Rabika Grid …

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Why Use Rabika?

Unlike other divination systems, Rabika is firmly rooted in present time. Rather than extrapolating from the past to ‘divine’ the future, Rabika illuminates the energies surrounding and affecting a situation in your life right now. Using Rabika can: Enhance your …

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What is the Rabika Grid?

The Rabika Grid is a very powerful allegiance of energies and beings committed to raising the consciousness of mankind. The best way to accomplish this goal is to help as many people as possible reach and maintain their personal state …

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