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About Kaarin

  Kaarin Alisa Kaarin Alisa has honed her abilities as a spiritual teacher and metaphysical practitioner for nearly forty years. An author and clinical hypnotherapist by training, she has helped scores of people overcome obstacles and break unhealthy habits so …

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Kaarin and the Rabika tool are committed to raising the consciousness of and giving clear information to every person touched. We accomplish this in two ways: By helping people learn to stay focused in the now; not the past or …

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Divination: Divination is not an exact science; we strongly recommend that you do not take too seriously or literally interpretations you may receive or derive during an automated reading on this site. Rabika does not absolutely predict events or give …

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At rabika.com, your privacy is our priority. We are committed to protecting your privacy at all times, in all situations. The information we collect about you when you purchase from us or join our mailing list is used to process …

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